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[1.59 MB] - How Slash Came Up with the Guns N' Roses Logo
[4.2 MB] - Paul Stanley of Kiss Wanted to Produce Guns N' Roses, But They Turned Him Down
[2.56 MB] - The Story Behind Welcome to the Jungle, Axl Wrote the Lyrics
[4.94 MB] - Paradise City Is the Only Song I Got to Improvise the Guitar
[3.69 MB] - Hearing His Music on the Radio For the First Time
[5.11 MB] - What Guitar Players Does He Listen To... Who Influenced Him
[1.87 MB] - Night Train is About Ripple Wine Which They Used to Drink
[4.77 MB] - Talks About Tattoos on the Band... He Draws His Own
[4.09 MB] - The Deadpool Movie and Meeting Clint Eastwood
[2.5 MB] - Slash Talks About the Best Rumors He's Heard About Himself and GNR
[5.39 MB] - His Parents Knew David Geffen When He Was Growing Up So Slash Knew Him
[2.16 MB] - Slash Discussing How Most Songs Were Recorded in Three Takes or Less
[3.97 MB] - Has the Initial Success of GNR Changed the Band
[1.7 MB] - Mr. Brownstone Was Written by Slash and Izzy
[5.9 MB] - What He Likes in the Creative Process... How Sweet Child of Mine Came About
[2.27 MB] - Does Slash Think Music Can Still Have an Edge
[2.95 MB] - What's the Interplay of Playing with Izzy and How He Figures Out His Solos...
[1.19 MB] - My Michelle Is a Song About a Girl I Used to Go Out With
[4.88 MB] - Didn't Have Aspirations to Be a Musician in the Beginning
Last update: 2021-05-09

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